WolfPack is a multi aperture and multi spectral real time panoramic imaging system designed to increase situational awareness and self-defence capability of a land or a marine platform. It is a network of an array of multi spectral cameras constantly staring in different directions around the ship and generates Fused 360° panoramic images covering the surroundings of the entire vehicle or ship.


WolfPack is equipped with sensors operating in Visible, NIR & LW IR spectrum and Fusion on the panoramic image enables unprecedented and robust detection and tracking of low elevation and surface threats in all weather and illumination conditions.

It can be retro fitted on most vehicle/naval platforms and it seamlessly integrates with Combat Management System. It offers simultaneous visualization from multiple consoles and sends track information to other sensors like radars and other onboard Electro-optical systems.

The high resolution fused visualization also enables the crew to monitor the surroundings in all conditions from protected environment instead of a constant standwatch required..

For detailed technical specifications write to info@tonboimaging.com