Spark EOS

Spark EOSSpark is a multi sensor, compact and affordable electro optical sight designed for remote weapon stations, direct fire for armoured platforms and can also be used as a medium range observation system.

It’s well qualified for extreme operation and weather conditions.It features precisely aligned day (CCD) and night imagers (LW IR) with state of the art smart EO/IR sensor fusion which enhances situational awareness in darkness, smoke, haze, rain, fog and other hazardous situations.

Smart Fusion combines complementary information from each sensor into a single, superior image which can be displayed to the operator. It maximizes scene detail and contrast producing superior image quality with maximized information content.

It’s an ideal low cost solution for medium range RCWS platforms from 5.56 to 12.7mm. It can optionally be

integrated with an LRF or stadiametric reticules can be used for passive ranging. It is a multi-band imaging system that can be mounted on land and naval platforms.

• Remotely Operated Vehicles
• Situational awareness for armoured vehicles
• Sighting system for 5.56 to 12.7mm RCWS
• EO payload for acouistic hailers
• Mobile Surveillance Vehicles
• Marine Surveillance
• Border or Perimeter Surveillance

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