Gunner's Stabilized SightProwl is a compact and light weight fire control EO payload designed for MBTs and IFVs. It is a two axis line of sight stabilized platform, integrated with a video tracker and provides true on the move firing capability to the gunner.
It can be used as a stand alone FCS for remote controlled or manned turrets. It features integrated embedded electronics for control and image processing making it easy to integrate in most turrets without the need of an
external computer.
It is equipped with a cooled MW IR thermal imager, low light CCD camera and a laser range finder for target acquisition.
The cooled thermal imager with continuous optical zoom provides increased situational awareness, can see long range in poor illumination and poor weather conditions. Low lux CCD/CMOS sensor is optically aligned and matched with IR imager to enable sensor fusion improving target detection and acquisition capability and LRF is safe under all conditions provides accurate ranging to the target.

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