PhotonPHOTON is a multi-sensor imaging system that enhances situational awareness in darkness,smoke, haze, rain, fog and other hazardous situations. It is a multi-band imaging system that can be hand- held or mounted on ground, marine and aerial vehicles. Extended dynamic range and depth of field enhance the clarity and precision of the image while highlighting details that would typically not be visible to the naked eye.

PHOTON combines complementary information from each sensor into a single, superior image which can be displayed to the operator. Fuzor maximizes scene detail and contrast producing superior image quality with maximized information content. The video fusion algorithm embedded into PHOTON is a new approach to multi-scale fusion which benefits from much faster execution times and reduced memory overheads.

PHOTON is a low-cost multi-sensor camera platform with features that was only available till now in advanced, expensive military recon.


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