Minion2 is the smallest, lightest, shutterless, low power rugged thermal imaging module with stereo 3D vision for driver vision enhancement and similar applications. This is one of its kind thermal imager with stereo 3D depth perception.Minion2

With advanced thermal image processing, it provides crisp thermal images at high frame rates. It does not require any physical shutter for NUC correction at any point, even with changing environmental conditions. With no shutter, the images never freeze making it an ideal solution for situational awareness and driver vision applications. Absence of shutter also eliminates the need for a motor, the first point of failure in harsh environments. It features a resistive Amorphous Silicon based 384 x 288 or 640×480 micro-bolometer array on a 17-micron pitch, it offers unprecedented thermal imaging for military, security, aviation and marine safety applications at cost-effective prices. Minion works with a variety of 3D enabled head mounted displays.

Minion finds its applications across a range of deployments ranging from driver vision enhancement, panoramic surveillance, The module is available as fully rugged as per MIL-STD-810G, nitrogen purged and sealed for direct use in harsh environment.

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