Magnus 90

Magnus 90 is an advanced digital day night periscope with sensor fusion and wide fov for armored vehicles.

Magnus is designed to be of the same form and fit as of traditional periscope and is designed as a line replaceable unit that a driver can instantly remove and replace with the traditional periscope.

Magnus Digital Periscope for MBTs

It consists of an array of CCD/CMOS and uncooled LWIR sensors. Multiple sensors of same type are used to increase the field of view by realtime seamless stitching while maintaining the NATO target recognition at >500m and also to create stereo effect for 3D visualization in external VR displays like Oculus rift.

LWIR imagers are digitally fused in real time with the day sensors for enhanced driver vision.

It also has an integrated advanced high resolution digital display system made of complex optical elements providing stress free bi-ocular and magnified viewing at an optimum distance from the user. The magnifying optics ensures a large image is produced at safe distance from the user in a space constraint environment.

It’s designed to survive harsh environments and meets all military standards.

Key Capabilities

• Enhanced Driver Vision

• Digital EO/IR Smart Sensor Fusion

• Real time panoramic video stitching

• NATO target detection >500m

• Wide FOV upto 90°

• Line Replacable Unit

• Integrated biocular display

• 3D Visualization (optional)

• Integration with 3D VR display

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