KLAEOSKLAEOS-640C is a light weight, compact multi sensor electro optical payload designed for easy integration into remotely controlled weapon stations and stand alone long-range surveillance and reconnaissance. It has been tested and qualified for small-caliber, medium caliber and large-caliber weapon stations including 155mm howitzers.

It features a high-resolution cooled MW IR imager, a single or a dual color CCD camera, and a Laser Range Finder and an integrated video tracker. IR imager is with continuous optical zoom optics and Day Imagers have continuous digital zoom equipped to match NFOV. The sensors are optically, mechanically and digitally aligned to high precision for demanding applications. The sensors also have preset matched FOVs through out the zoom range increasing situational awareness.

It also features inbuilt electronic video stabilization and video tracking capability. It optionally can incorporate Tonbo’s state of the art FUSION technology that intelligently fuses the videos from IR and Day cameras in real time, combining critical spectral information from IR with the Visible day camera further enhancing the situational awareness.

• Long Range eye-safe, high repetition rate LRF
• Boresight retention through zoom of EO & IR
• Single or Dual Day sensors for situational awareness
• Electronic Video Stabilization and Tracking
• Sensor Fusion for greater situational awareness
• GPS & DMC with inclinometer (Optional)
• Target Geolocalization (optional)
• Easy Integration with large variety of sensors and platforms

For detailed technical specifications please contact us at info@tonboimaging.com