Weapon Boresight

120mm and 12.7mm Boresight ToolTDS-WB is a video precision boresight tool for precisely aligning bore of the weapon with its sighting system. It allows a single user to align the sighting payload with a target at 10m to 100+m.

It consists of two main assemblies – a self centering and expanding mandrel insert that is easily secured inside the bore of the gun to ensure maximum surface contact and boresight accuracy and the camera head that fits into the mandrel. The camera allows rotation around the axis of the barrel to check for any mis alignment.

Different mandrels for various weapon calibers are available including –  12.7mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 105mm 120mm and 155mm.

The camera transmits the video of the target wirelessly or on wire to a display/computer to visually check misalignment between actual pointing line of the gun and the calculated target line as determined by the weapons targeting system.

ELPEOS-MKII with 12.7mm video boresight tool

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