Staghound V2

StaghoundStaghound V2 is a day and night acquisition system with state of the art optronics for tactical reconnaissance missions . It is a Multi purpose Day and Night Binocular with Rangefinder, Compass and GPS all packaged in a single compact system.

It includes a day imager, a digital image intensifier along with a laser range finder, GPS and digital magnetic compass all integrated into one compact system. It can be used in day time and at night time.

The digital image intensifer is a white phosphor or green phospher based tube with Autogating and Autocutoff in brightlight.
This is a state of the art fully digital system with capability to record and wirelessly transmit video data from Image Intensifier and the day imager. The LRF is safe under all conditions and provides accurate ranging. The ranger finder combined with the GPS and integrated compass enables accurate target geo-location. The system can recognize targets in day & night, range to the target at an eyesafe wavelength, and calculate grid coordinates with its own GPS, Elevation, Azimuth capability.


  • Displays range, Azimuth, Elevation and target GPS position in Indian Military Grid Reference (IMGRS) system
  • Digital Image Intensifier (White and Green Phosphor)
  • Wirelessly or on wire transmit video data from the Image Intensifier or Day Imager
  • Onboard video recording of day and II video

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