HHD-Hellhound_Studio_v3Hellhound – cooled HHTI is a state of the art day and night binocular system with a day imager and a cooled high-resolution MWIR thermal imager along with a GPS, inclinometer and magnetic compass all integrated into one compact system. It can optionally be used with a laser pointer.

The system can be used as a standalone hand-held unit with integrated biocular eyepiece for long range surveillance or as a fire control system on RCWS platforms and also on a precision pan/tilt for remote monitoring and surveillance purposes.

The system is inherently integrated with wireless systems to be able to control it remotely over 10km LOS

A cooled MWIR sensor with high sensitivity provides crisp images for night-time scenarios.

HHD In field

The GPS and the integrated compass increases situational awareness when integrated with real-time maps and it can also archive geo-tagged missions. HHD 640C images simultaneously in the visible and mid wave IR spectrum providing fused imagery that gives greater situational awareness. The system can recognize targets in day, night, obscurant conditions.

• Sensor Fusion for greater situational awareness
• Geotagged data archival
• Binocular Type
• High Resolution OLED displays
• Wireless connectivity (optional)
• Integrated laser pointer (optional

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