Foxhound HHTI

Foxhound HHTI is a compact light weight thermal imaging monocular that is built on the state of the art HawkVision thermal core providing outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality.

Foxhound HHTI

Advanced thermal image processing provides crisp, high resolution, clear bright thermal images at high frame rates. An ASi based 640×480 micro bolometer array on a 17┬Ám pitch offers unprecedented thermal imagery for tactical surveillance operations. The external I/O port is compatible for real time streaming of thermal video over secure broadband signaling to extended distances.

Foxhound places military, para-military and law enforcement professionals at the forefront of technology. Enabling target descrimination and recognition regardless of weather conditions and with no necessary light.

Foxhound is ideal for operation on all borders and in all battlefield environments whether air, sea or land.


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