GeoLocator F640C

Geo F640CF640C is a multi function Binocular system with a day optical sensor a cooled high resolution MWIR thermal imager along with a laser range finder, GPS, inclinometer and magnetic compass all integrated into one compact system. The system can be used as a standalone hand-held unit with integrated binocular eyepiece or as a vehicle mounted system bore-sighted with ammunition.

A cooled MWIR sensor with high sensitivity provides crisp images for night time scenarios. The LRF is safe under all conditions and provides accurate ranging. The ranger finder combined with the GPS and integrated compass enables accurate target geo-location.

F640C images simultaneously in the visible and long wave IR spectrum providing fused imagery that gives greater situational awareness. The system can recognize targets in day, night, obscurant conditions, range to the target at an eyesafe wavelength, and calculate grid coordinates with its own GPS, Elevation, Azimuth capability.




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