ENVG, DNVGDuVi is a dual sensor compact light-weight Fused Night Vision Goggles (FNVG) that is built on the state of the art hawkvision thermal core providing outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality.

DuVi has an inbuilt processor that digitally fuses video feeds from the thermal imager and low lux day camera in real time. Operator has ability to select clear/day view, thermal view or Fused (Thermal + CCD) view. Digital Fusion eliminates critical design flaws seen on optical fusion technology when dealing with targeting system such as ghosting, image alignment & fusion picture subsetting etc.

DuVi provides the dismounted war fighter exceptional day/night capability to detect potential threats in adverse battlefield conditions while providing high fidelity situational awareness required for user mobility, rapid target assessment and engagement.Helmet DuVi

DuVi enables reflexive target engagement when used with currently fielded rifle-mounted aiming lights. The goggles can be used in close combat operations, combat support and combat service operations. FNVG integrates into the digital battlefield by fusing the collected energy the thermal (rapid threat detection) and the low
light level sensor (situational awareness). The result: immediately actionable information presented to the warfighter when they need it.

DuViis ideal for operations in all light conditions.

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