CobraCOBRA is a Fused Thermal Weapon Sight (FTWS) with dual day and night sensors. It features a low lux high resolution CCD & a state of the art uncooled thermal imager

both fused in real time with our multi sensor fusion embedded processor.

COBRA has an inbuilt fusion processor that digitally fuses the video feeds from Thermal sensor and low lux day CCD camera in real time. Operator has abilityCobra M16 to select day camera view, thermal view of Fused view.

Digital Fusion eliminates critical design flaws seeon on Optical Fusion technology when dealing with targeting system such as poor contrast, ghosting, image alignment and fusion picture subsetting etc.

The external I/O port in COBRA FTWS is compatible for real time streaming of thermal, day camera or fused video over secure broadband COFDM signaling to extend distances. This enables commander to receive real-time feed from the commando team operating in the theater as seen by the weapon.


COBRA places military, para-military and law enforcement professionals at the forefront of technology, enabling target discrimination and recognition regardless of weather conditions and with no necessity for light. COBRA is ideal for CQC/CQB operations.



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