Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight Arjun is a small, lightweight multi purpose uncooled thermal imaging sight designed and optimized for small and medium caliber weapons and can also be used as a standalone hand held thermal imager or a helmet mounted TI sight. Arjun is based on state-of-the-art HawkVision thermal imaging core. With a resistive Amorphous Silicon based 640 x 480 / 384×288 micro-bolometer array on a 17-micron pitch and advanced thermal image processing, It provides outstanding sensitivity and crisp thermal images at high frame-rates to the soldier.

It is compatible with tactical head mounted wireless display which allows soldiers to accurately shoot around corners. Since over Fifty percent of kills happen on the corners, It lets soldiers see around corners and shoot targets without entering the line of fire. A soldier can crThermal Imaging Weapon Sightouch behind a blockade, stick his weapon over his head, and shoot his target with the same accuracy as if he were taking aim normally. Unlike any other weapon sight, it is designed with custom tactical mounts that provide zero retention even after firing hundreds of rounds. The sight is designed to maintain zero even if detached and reattached thus allowing soldier to change optics on the battlefield without requiring to zero the weapon.


• Multiple Optics for various weapons

• Reduced SWaP for CQB weapons

• Single Lever Latch Rail Locking

• Zero retention (hundreds of rounds)

• Return to zero (detach and reattach)

• Handheld or Helmet mounted