HawkVision – Security

HawkVision-SHawkVisionS camera is a state of the art uncooled thermal imaging camera for security and surveillance applications, based on the HawkVision thermal imaging core. It provides high fidelity thermal imaging 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It detects threats in complete darkness, poor visibilty conditions like smoke, haze, dust and fog.

The thermal imaging core inside is a high resolution sensor array 384×288/640×480, using state of the art smaller pixel pitch 17┬Ám working at full frame rate of 50Hz (PAL)/60Hz(NTSC).

HawkVisionS camera features a range of innovations that make it a readily deployable system for extreme environments. Equipped with digital enhancement and electronic video stabilization features,

It provides crisp thermal imaging at affordable prices.

HawkVisionS is available in both analog and IP versions with the PSIA compatible IP version, plugs easily into existing Video Management Systems.

HawkVision-S-ImagesFor Detailed Technical Specifications contact us at info@tonboimaging.com