EOD640EOD640 is an advanced long range electro optical system. It features a low lux CCD/CMOS optical sensor and an un-cooled area scan thermal imager with long range optics with motorized focus. It can be integrated with a laser range finder, GPS and magnetic compass all integrated into one compact system.

The system can be just used as a pan/tilt unit for standalone long range surveillance and reconnaissance. All electro optical sub-components including the pan/tilt can be controlled remotely via ethernet connectivity. EOD640 images simultaneously in the visible and long wave IR spectrum and can optionally provide fused imagery that gives greater situational awareness.

The system can detect threats in day, night, obscurant conditions. With additional sensors it can range to the target at an eyesafe wavelength, and calculate target’s grid coordinates with its own GPS, Elevation, Azimuth capability. The system can seamlessly integrate with exsiting security camera network.

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