EO Scanner

EO ScannerEOS is an advanced long range wide angle electro optical system. It includes a day optical channel and a cooled area scan thermal imager optionally with a laser range finder, GPS and magnetic compass all integrated into one compact system. The system can be set to auto scan a user selectable sector or full 360deg area. It constantly scans and generates wide angle views from a very narrow filed of view camera.

It is also equipped with advanced algorithms to perform intrusion detection and can also act as a long range passive IR search and track system. EOS images simultaneously in the visible and long wave IR spectrum providing fused imagery that gives greater situational awareness and panoramic views can be generated from IR, Visible or FUSED imagery.

 The system can detect threats in day, night, obscurant conditions, range to the target at an eyesafe wavelength, and calculate grid coordinates with its own GPS, Elevation, Azimuth capability.



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