Cooled Thermal Imager

Hawkvision-C is a compact cooled thermal imaging module designed for easy integration into long range reconnaissance payloads including RCWS sights, gimbals, security cameras and any other surveillance payload by the OEMs.

It features a high resolution 640×512 detector with 15 micron pixel pitch detector with embedded
electronics for thermal imaging pipeline with advanced video enhancements for crisp video quality.
It is also integrated with very compact continuous zoom optics providing long range and situational awareness at the same time. The lens features parfocal ability to be able to maintain focus throughout complete zoom.

It features two different optics one with maximum focal length up to 250mm and another with up to 600mm for
really long range applications. The module provides full control to the OEM to be able to integrate it in the most optimal way


• Hand Held observation systems
• Long Range surveillance and reconnaissance
• Remote Controller Weapon Stations
• Airbone Electro Optical Payloads
• UAV reconnaissance payload

For Detailed Technical Specifications write to us at info@tonboimaging.com