OEM Cores

Tonbo’s cores and modules are designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) for easy integration into their existing products and platforms. With excellent support we help OEMs easily integrate our cores and modules and reduce time to bring the product to the market. We provide uncooled/cooled thermal imaging modules, multi-sensor core (Maya), Vision Image Processing (VIP) board with  a variety of  advanced image processing algorithms implemented on a small form factor ideal for hand held and long range applications.

Some of our cores and modules are listed below –

1) Uncooled thermal imaging module – HawkVision OEM

2) Uncooled thermal module for low cost high volume applications – HawkVision80P OEM

3) Cooled thermal imaging module – HawkVision-C

3) Multi sensor dual head – Maya

4) Vision Image Processing Board – VIP-ST, VIP-F