Avenger 30

AvengerAvenger 30 is a gyro stabilized long range electro-optical director (EOD) for maritime applications. It can operate as independent EOD or can be slaved to a remote controlled weapon station. The payloads feature a cooled MWIR thermal imager, low light CCD camera, laser range finder and optionally a laser designator for surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition and target designation.

The cooled thermal imager with continuous optical zoom can see long range in poor illumination and poor weather conditions, LRF is safe under all conditions, is with high repetition rate and provides accurate ranging. Optionally the ranger finder can be combined with the GPS and an integrated compass to accurately geo-lcoate the targets

Avenger 30 has day and thermal sensors aligned and fov’s matched and it images simultaneously in the visible and IR spectrum providing fused imagery that gives greater situational awareness. It can be used in inverted configuration and can also be integrated with VIP auto tracker platform to engage with dynamically moving targets.