VIP-STThe Vision Image Processor (VIP) is a video processor designed for platforms with limited real estate and computational resources. It is capable of ingesting video feeds from analog sources and performs real-time electronic image stabilization and target tracking.

The board dimensions are only 50x50mm and weighs only 50g

It is optimized to work in real time with day camera or IR camera video feeds.

It can correct shaky videos captured from Aerial platforms while maintaining the intended motion (including zoom) intact. It is also ideal for cameras mounted on road or off road ground vehicles, it removes high frequency translation & wobble distortions.

The tracker on VIP is designed to address the needs of both ground based and aerial platforms. It incorporates on-board serial links allowing it to interface to most platforms and is designed for easy configuration and device control. It has standard to most sophisticated tracking algorithms implemented including Multiple, Moving Target Indicator (MTI), Normalized Cross Correlation, Centroid, Edge and Tonbo’s proprietary for most challenging conditions.

It is ruggedized to survive in the harshest commercial and military environments.

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