Tonbo Imaging builds advanced electro optical systems for land, naval and air applications.

Tonbo’s products are built around the company’s intellectual property in three key components – uncooled thermal imaging, multi-sensor fused imaging and cooled thermal imaging. The products are designed to allow soldiers to see better, farther and wider with the best size, weight and power configuration. Tonbo’s products span a large spectrum of observation and reconnaissance platforms. The offerings range from ultra lightweight sensor cores for OEM applications to rugged stabilized multi-function electro-optics  systems for end user deployments. From a soldier on a battlefield to a UAV operator piloting a reconnaissance aircraft, Tonbo products offer unprecedented situational awareness. The products include hand-held thermal and multi-function imagers, wide field of view thermal imagers for enhanced driver vision and multi-sensor electro-optics payloads for long-range surveillance and target localization.