Video Tracker

VIP-ST-100 by Tonbo Imaging is a real time standalone tracker with advanced multiple tracking algorithms implemented onboard. It is designed for platforms with limited real estate and computational resources. The algorithms and embedded hardware enable minimum latency.


It features tracking of multiple targets from multiple video sources, with target highlighting and serial/IP communication. It can accept up to two SD Analog Video sources or can also work with a HD video source. With inbuilt H.264 hardware based video encoding chip it can, in real time, encode analog video sources to IP format for easy integration with external systems. The board design features multiple serial RS232 communication interfaces to be able to interface with external sensors like LRF, GPS etc for custom processing.


It is a multiple target tracker with multiple algorithms like edge, centroid, correlation and Binary Pattern (BP) and Moving Target Indicator (MTI). Edge, centroid and correlation trackers are the basic algorithms implemented and work well in ideal scenarios, for more complex scenarios Tonbo Imaging recommends their own Binary Pattern algorithm built using latest vision and imaging techniques. BP also features dynamic window around the target to account for scale changes. MTI is used to detect any moving targets within the scene.

Auto Acquisition

It also features target auto acquisition mode and target priority system. In auto acquisition target, near the boresight region, gets acquired automatically. The targets can also be prioritized based on their vicinity to boresight, size, motion direction etc.

The system can also display all the moving targets within the scene, even if the platform is on the move. It implements full Affine based image registration to counter any platform motion and segment moving targets within the scene. The user can also engage the tracker with any of these moving targets using a hand grip controller.


Once the target is acquired, recommended or user selected detection algorithm kicks in to start detecting the target in the video frames. Then detections are passed on to motion filters to be able  to measure its behavior (speed, direction of motion, trajectory, age, position) of the target and predict its movement incase detection fails because of occlusions, frame drops, transmission noise etc.


Key Features

  • Standalone
  • Real time processing
  • Dual Analog Video Source
  • HD Video Input
  • Advanced Multiple Video Tracking algorithms implemented
  • Features Edge, Centroid, Correlation and Binary Pattern (advanced)
  • Intelligent Target Auto Acquisition algorithms
  • Multiple Target Tracking
  • Motion Filters to handle occlusions, frame drops, transmission noise.
  • Moving Target Indicator
  • H.264 Video compression, IP Video out
  • Multiple RS232x3 interfaces with GPIOs


  • Ground and Aerial Platforms
  • Fire Control Systems
  • Surveillance Platforms
  • Long Range Reconnaissance & Observation Systems