Chief Executive Officer — Arvind Lakshmikumar

Arvind Lakshmikumar is the founder and CEO of Tonbo Imaging. He is an established domain expert in applied imaging technologies, computer vision, robotics and intelligent systems. He has been a principal investigator and program director for a number of international military and scientific programs (DARPA, NASA, US Army, AFRL, NSF, and DRDO) in the areas of vision and imaging and also serves on program committees of major computer vision and robotics conferences. Arvind has been a principal investigator and lead sub-contractor on multiple next-generation military programs. Arvind did his doctoral work in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and has Masters Degrees in Computer Science, Electronics and Chemistry from BITS, Pilani. He has leadership experience both at entrepreneurial and global corporation levels  Prior to founding Tonbo Imaging, Arvind was the head of technology and operations at Sarnoff Corporation.

Chief Technology Officer – Ankit Kumar

Ankit Kumar is the CTO and co-founder of Tonbo Imaging. His area of expertise spreads across optics, imaging and vision systems. Ankit designs and manages Tonbo’s advanced technology programs that form the basis of the company’s products. Besides technology expertise, Ankit has operational experience executing multi-year contracts for Tier I defense and automotive clients.  Prior to his role as the CTO, Ankit was the Director of applied vision at Sarnoff and was responsible for numerous multi-year defense and automotive safety programs. Ankit has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a specialization in vision, imaging and machine learning.

Vice President, Engineering – Sudeep George

Sudeep is the VP of Engineering and a co-founder of Tonbo Imaging. He has over 15 years of experience designing embedded systems, high end vision and imaging processing platforms and software tool-chains for embedded platforms. Sudeep oversees system level design, engineering and production. Prior to Tonbo Imaging, Sudeep was a technical leader managing embedded systems at Sarnoff Corporation. He was the program lead for development of the miniature imaging platform that formed the basis of the first generation DARPA Mantis program. This forms the core of some key military programs in aerial reconnaissance and battlefield surveillance. Sudeep has an undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering.

Chief Financial Officer – Cecilia D’Souza

Cecilia D’Souza is the CFO and a co-founder of Tonbo Imaging. She has vast experience in finance, accounting and management of multi-location international businesses. Her expertise spans international accounting, M&A, procurement and operational logistics. Prior to Tonbo, she was a financial controller at Sarnoff and was responsible for managing finance for Sarnoff’s international operations. Cecilia is a qualified chartered accountant and has over 15 years experience managing finance and accounts for large corporations and consulting businesses.